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 Hi – my name is Jackie Forbes …

I’ve caught the graphics bug!  After over 20 years of an international career working as a coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator with great companies I have decided to shift the emphasis of my facilitation support to the visual impact of Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording.

During my career, I have trained and coached thousands of people to enhance their performance and articulate and pursue their dreams and goals. I have designed and facilitated events that have helped boards to create their strategy and values, leaders to enhance their impact and teams to move towards high performance.

After years of facing and leading groups I now turn my back! (Well not literally.) Its just that when I’m graphically recording I spend most of the day with my back to the audience, listening deeply and quietly facilitating thinking through drawing out conversations using a mixture of icons and words.

Energised by this visual way of serving groups I know that my contribution is invaluable as it helps people to stay focussed, feel validated and energised to contribute.

My pens are fizzing and I am ready to help you bring the Art of Thought to your world!


I’m a board member of two organisations that are focussed on helping people who are homeless.

Rowan Alba – I am so proud to be on the Board of this charity dedicated to helping
homeless people with Scotland.

Million Seater Stadium – this is a career highlight for me. I am part of a founding team of Directors who have a vision to end homelessness through harnessing the power of football globally via a virtual stadium platform.

My goal is to spend 20% of my time serving those who serve others. When offering pro-bono support or highly reduced rates I’m particularly drawn to helping staff in organisations that support the homeless, the Hospice movement and charities related to eradicating cancer.

Click here to see more about Drawn to Learn’s Social Impact philosophy.

Jackie is a member of the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners)

IFVP Member
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